The Backbone of Voice Apps

Voicehub combines all tools for managing Voice Apps in one place: CMS, Analytics, Reporting & Audiences.

For Marketeers


Content Management

Manage every content piece from within our CMS. Go live with a single click.

User Management

User Management

See every detail about your users’ attributes and data.

Audience Targeting

Audiences & Targeting

Define custom audiences and target users individually.

Analytics Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Use extensive analytics to gain insight into your users’ interactions.

Features illustration

Dive into your Voice App

Our Features make Voice App Management simple.


Welcome to Voicehub,


How about a

(age > 20) ? 'beer' : 'tea'


Dynamic Content Editor

Voice content should be highly dynamic. Use variables and functions within your speech output.


Gain deep insights into how your users interact with your Voice App and improve your interactions.

faveFood 'Pizza'
locale 'en-US'
time 'night'

Build Audiences

Your users are different, so should be your content. Target users based on region, language, time or your own custom attributes.

For Developers

Develop your Voice App with ease.

// Initialize Voicehub SDK
const voicehub = require('voicehub')('username', 'api-key');

// Create a User in your handle() function
let user = await voicehub.User(handlerInput).findOrCreate();

// Access and change user attributes
user.faveFood = 'Pizza';
user = await;

User Attributes

Store and retrieve user data from Voicehub.

const welcomePost = await voicehub
	.withParameters({ name: 'John', age: 18 })

// Welcome to Voicehub, John! How about a tea?

Dynamic Speech Retrieval

Get dynamically parsed speech saved in Voicehub CMS by providing speech parameters.

Comprehensive API & Node SDK

Use our Node SDK or directly talk to our API.

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